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The Ukrainian weightlifting team today proved that gambling does pay. The duo took a huge risk in this year's games by letting Bubka increase her weight over the summer to an impressive 65kg. However, lifter Mosienko showed little visible strain as he held her new weighty frame with a hands-free hold that won maximum points from the judges for both length and style. PLAY VIDEO

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Events at the Trojan Games took another volatile turn today as a spectator was dismissed from ringside during the women's 10-minute boxing match between USA's Tyra George and Russia's Evgenya Miranova. Officials were alerted when the unidentified man began to make noises that were audibly different from the usual cheers and chants associated with the event. "He was clearly in a state of arousal," said a Games spokesperson later. "We encourage audience enjoyment of the events, but this is something we have been trying to stamp out for some time now."

Medal Table 1. United States 39 25 33 97
2. Russia 32 28 28 88
3. China 28 16 15 59
4. Australia 18 25 17 58
5. Germany 14 17 26 57
6. France 13 14 11 38
7. Italy 13 8 13 34
8. Netherlands 12 9 4 25
9. Cuba 11 11 7 29
10. Great Britain 11 10 7 28

Trojan - Number 1 in the USA

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