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If anyone is on the fast track to the top of the Judo pile, it's Tricia Williams. Growing up in the seaside town of Hastings, Williams soon realised she had a talent for intercourse and fighting. She made her name by battling in underground clubs in and around Britain, before finally making it to the big tournaments such as the Trojan Games. Many of her opponents have said that her weight, speed and strong thighs make her one of the more difficult adversaries in the sport.

Tricia Williams - Judo


There is no shortage of controversy surrounding Beridon's career. The tabloids had a field day back in 2001 when it was discovered he had been taking bribes to put up little fight against the Australian Sheila Vewagin, giving the SGA no alternative but to dish out a ten-month ban. Beridon returned a stronger character, and has lost relatively few matches since. This is, however, the first time he has faced UK's Tricia Williams. Some say her style is well-suited to dominating this match, but Beridon adds an unpredictable air to whatever he puts his mind to.

Francois Beridon - Judo


Other than winning gold at the Trojan Games, there's not much more for Dave Keary to achieve in the world of swimming. True, he came close 4 years ago with a dramatic silver win for the 100m missionary, but it's the top prize that the 26-year old has his eye on. A change of event this year (to 200m doggy) could see him reach a career summit and complete his admirable collection of silverware.

Dave Keary - Swimming


Looking to continue their formidable track record at the Games, the superstars that make up the Italian women's relay squad - Isabelle Cicero (pole vault - pictured), Monica Vucini (long jump), Carmel Bianco (sprint) and Simone Appello (dressage) - are aiming to beat their own world record of 2m 34s. Is this possible? Well, that depends on the stamina of their Polish opponent Finky Guttenberg, who comes to the tournament brimming with confidence from his recent win at the Seville marathon. Does he have the staying power to defend against the speed, dexterity and tightness of the Italian women?

Isabelle Cicero - Pole Vault

Trojan - Number 1 in the USA

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